Law Preparation Academy

Are you interested in studying Law at university? The Law Preparation Academy has been designed to give you a realistic insight into being a Law student, and to help you find out which law course is best suited to your interests. You will be able to increase your confidence in discussing the Law in written and oral forms, develop skills in critical thinking and advocacy that you will need in your studies and career, and prepare to make the most of your University applications.

Law preparation summer course

Law Preparation Summer School

Welcome to the Law Preparation Academy! This course is for students who are preparing their applications for law school and thinking about becoming a lawyer.

The course will provide a deep understanding of how best to prepare for law school and pre-law routes, and hone your academic skills for university-level study.

The Law Preparation Academy will enable you to investigate a variety of Law degrees and pathways to legal careers that are available in the UK and worldwide, and will help you to choose the right university and course for you. Through the summer course, you’ll get an opportunity to experience what it’s like to study law, by taking on real law school activities such as case-studies, debates and advisory clinics, as well as the Mooting Challenge (a mock trial) at a real court.

You’ll get the chance to experience various university teaching styles, such as lectures, seminars and tutorials. You’ll also enhance your own academic skills by conducting independent research, making presentations and writing essays, including an article that will be published in the Scholastica Journal of Law. The two-week programme is packed full of learning experiences to develop key legal skills, such as preparing cases, analysing evidence, representing clients and academic writing.

At the end of the course, you will be well equipped to handle discussions about legal concepts confidently, whether with professors or peers. The sharpened set of skills you will have gained will enable you to write excellent applications to the law schools that you choose.

The Law Preparation summer course will suit you if you’re:

      • Aiming to study Law at university and want to develop your legal knowledge, experience and skills prior to applying
      • Interested in the options for Law degrees in the UK and worldwide, to see which one would suit you best
      • Preparing for studying Law and becoming a lawyer
      • Eager to develop your analytical, debating and communication skills to aid your legal studies
      • Interested in exploring the wide range of careers available to someone with a Law degree

Our Learning Philosophy


We believe that the best way to prepare to study Law is by learning through hands-on experiences. Our Law Preparation Academy will enable you to:


What factors should I consider when choosing a Law degree?

Learn about the Law courses available in different countries and universities, and get support in deciding which one is right for you.



Where could a Law degree take me?

Ask our Legal Hero, a successful lawyer, about their day-to-day experiences of the study and practice of Law.


What is it really like to study Law?

Get an authentic Law school experience by attending lectures, seminars and tutorials, and prepare to take on the Mooting Challenge (mock trial)!

I had a brilliant time at London Scholastica. It was inspirational, challenging and made me so much more sure of my career in Law. The tutors and staff, along with the amazing friends I have had the pleasure of making, will stay with me for a very long time.

Tara Khanna, India

Entry Requirements

Aged 15-18

Planning to study a Law-related course at University

Speak and understand English well

Law Preparation Academy Course Outline


Our Law Preparation Academy is made up of nine different classes and a four-hour Challenge afternoon. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear from and interact with our legal professional Hero in a lecture and Q&A session.

1. Law Degrees - UK & Worldwide

Understand the options you have when it comes to studying law, both in the UK and worldwide. Learn how to choose the right option for you and prepare a strong application for your chosen universities.

2. University Skills

Learn and hone the skills that you need to thrive as a law student. You will practise academic skills and develop your own interest in an area of law that fascinates you, through your Independent Study Project.


3. Pro Bono Legal Clinics

Experience what it’s like to volunteer your legal services to the community, as law students often do. The mock pro-bono clinic will give you a chance to liaise with “clients”, to understand and address their legal issues.

4. Evaluating Evidence

It’s important to develop your ability to evaluate evidence as a lawyer, as well as practicing your analytical and interrogative skills.

5. The Art of Advocacy

A successful legal career can be built on excellent debate, advocacy and public-speaking skills. Learn and hone the skills you need for crafting persuasive arguments for your clients, by debating with your peers on legal topics.

6. Corporate Legal Advice for Business

Corporate law might be the area of law for you. Combine your interests in business and law, by working on your understanding of business and learning about the real issues facing corporate clients in today’s world.

7. Law Field Trip

Legal studies extend far beyond the classroom or lecture hall. The field trip is an excellent opportunity to discover and understand the application and practice of law in the real world!

8. Personal Tutorials and Journal Publication

Your tutor will help you improve your verbal and written communication of legal concepts through personal tutorials where you present your Independent Study Project. You’ll also have the chance to publish your research in the Scholastica Journal of Law.

9. Your Future in Law

Start thinking ahead to life after law school: you will receive individual support on how you can move forward and continue to prepare for a future as a lawyer.

law preparation course moot


Are you ready for the Mooting Challenge?

Taking part in mock trials, otherwise known as moots, is an essential ingredient in all legal studies. The Mooting Challenge gives you the chance to enter a real courtroom here in London and test your skills and knowledge in a simulated trial.  

The challenge will entail the phases of a real court case, just as it would in a moot at university level.

Experience what it feels like to be a law student and a lawyer by:

  • Preparing a defense of your side in the trial, and play a key role in the courtroom (from lawyers to judge)
  • Showcasing your critical analysis skills, advocacy and teamwork
  • Taking part in the thrill and challenge of a high-stakes legal battle and growing your passion to pursue law as a career

This is an excellent opportunity to gain highly sought-after real-world work experience, which is essential for any job or internship application.

Fully Accredited Summer School

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) have fully accredited us as a provider of short courses for Independent Further and Higher Education. The quality of our teaching, pastoral care, and overall standards were assessed by the BAC.

Law Summer Programme for High School Students – Dates and Prices

Length Date Price Apply
2 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 4th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 18th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 19th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 18th July 2020 £9,290 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £9,290 Apply Now