Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy

Are you interested in what makes us individually unique? On the Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy, you’ll learn about the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience, to help you decide whether you’d like to pursue these topics further in your studies and career.

Psychology & Neuroscience Summer School

Welcome to the Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy summer programme. In two weeks with us, you’ll be introduced to the fields of psychology and neuroscience and gain hands-on experience of the subject.

You’ll be able to meet and talk to a real psychologist, to find out what it’s really like to pursue this subject as a career, and you’ll learn about what it is in the human mind that makes each of us unique. You’ll even design, carry out and write up your own psychological survey! You’ll further your understanding of the field, learning about all the key topics in Psychology and Neuroscience. 

The Experience Psychology & Neuroscience course will suit you if:

  • You’d interested in studying Psychology, or related subjects such as Medicine at University
  • You’re considering a career as a psychologist, psychotherapist or neuroscientist
  • You’re interested in Science and scientific research as a potential career path

Our Learning Philosophy

Our summer courses allow you to explore your subject in a hands-on way, because we don’t believe you can decide your future career path just by reading a textbook! On our Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy you will:


Discover the workings of the brain to see what it is that makes us think and act the way we do



Meet a Hero – a practising psychologist – to discover what life in the field is like and ask any questions you have about studying or working in psychology


Design your own survey question from scratch, collect data from participants and write up the results into your own research paper

This was the most amazing time of my life. The lessons were fun and informative, and useful for my future career. I truly believe that the course helped me gain three unconditional offers to university to study Clinical Psychology. I met the most amazing people and still have connections across the world. I can not recommend this course enough to anyone thinking about a summer course! Rowan, UK


Entry Requirements


Aged 15-18

Keen to learn

Speak and understand English well

Experience Psychology & Neuroscience Academy Course Outline

On the Psychology & Neuroscience course, you’ll have 9 two-hour classes with your tutor. On the first day, you’ll be introduced to the subject, to your tutor and to the rest of your class. The final class is a surprise topic, chosen by your tutor, which will focus on a cutting-edge area of the field. The other eight classes are outlined below.

1. Personality

What is it that makes each human individual? You’ll discuss different personality types and how our thoughts and feelings are governed by the brain

2. Love and Attachment

What is love? In this class we’ll explore the psychology behind different types of love that we feel. We’ll also discuss attachment theory and how it affects children’s development

3. Mood

What happens in the brain when we feel angry, happy or sad? You’ll learn about how moods can be influenced by psychologists. You’ll also explore some mood disorders, and look at how they can be treated

4. Creativity

Where do ideas come from, and how can we train ourselves to be more creative? In this class you’ll create an exercise to help people and companies be more creative, and test your own creative skills


5. Thought and Language

Does the language we speak affect the way we think? You’ll look at how the brain picks up language when we are babies, and explore how languages can affect our perceptions of the world

6. Intelligence

How can we measure ‘intelligence’, and is there really such a thing? In this class you’ll discuss the different types of intelligence psychologists have identified, and assess the validity of intelligence tests such as the IQ test

7. Memory

How does memory work? In this class, you’ll learn about the neuroscience behind how the brain stores thoughts and feelings from the past, and look at some strategies for training your memory

8. Mapping the Brain

Can we really use neuroscience to ‘see’ inside our brains? You’ll explore how modern techniques allow us to explore the brain to better understand our thoughts and behaviours, and assess the limitations of these methods

Summer Courses in London psychology and neuroscience

The Challenge

In our Psychology & Neuroscience Challenge, you’ll take on the role of researcher and design your very own survey question to explore an area of psychology or neuroscience that particularly interests you. You’ll then gather data from participants and write up your results, just as you would for a university research project.

In the Challenge, you will:

  • Decide on a topic you’d like to test and read up on previous research to decide on your own angle and method
  • Learn about the ethics of data collection and put them into practice with your participants
  • Consider what their answers can teach you, draw scientific conclusions, and assess the validity of your research

Fully Accredited Summer School

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) have fully accredited us as a provider of short courses for Independent Further and Higher Education. The quality of our teaching, pastoral care, and overall standards were assessed by the BAC.

Psychology & Neuroscience Summer Programme for High School Students – Dates and Prices

Length Date Price Apply
2 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 4th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 18th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 19th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 18th July 2020 £9,290 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £9,290 Apply Now