Experience Law Academy

Would you like to be a Lawyer? On our Experience Law Academy summer programme, you’ll get an insight into what studying and practicing Law is actually like. You’ll learn about the different areas of the legal field, including human rights law, international law, criminal law and commercial law, to help you decide which type of law most interests you. You’ll take part in a ‘Moot’ (a mock trial) in a real Court, practice your debating and public speaking skills, and find out what it takes to become a lawyer.

Law Summer School

Welcome to the Experience Law Academy. Over two weeks with us, you’ll be introduced to the field of law and the different types of law within it, including different legal systems from across the world, and study real-life legal cases.

You’ll get an insight into what life is like as a lawyer and discover the variety of career paths available to lawyers. Finally, you’ll test your own legal skills and knowledge in a mock trial in a Court of Law.

The Experience Law course will suit you if:

  • You’re interested in studying Law (Jurisprudence), Philosophy, History or Economics
  • You’re considering a career in the legal world (for example as a barrister or solicitor), in the Civil Service, or in the fields of politics, business or education
  • You’d like to improve your writing, debating and reading skills, and learn about the law

Our Learning Philosophy

Our summer courses allow you to explore your subject in a hands-on way, because we don’t believe you can decide your future career path just by reading a textbook! On our Experience Law Academy you will:


Discover the legal systems that exist around the world, and understand the principles which underpin them.



Meet a professional Lawyer – our Hero – and ask them questions to see what a day in their life is really like.


Prepare for court and argue your case in a mock trial at a real Court, putting your legal and logic skills into practice.

 This was a really wonderful experience. I got the chance to explore what Law is really all about, through this programme. Classes were very interesting and I loved how the tutor made the class very interactive, not to mention their Masterclasses. Each day we learnt different topics on the subject, all based on real-life events which prepped us for the long-awaited ‘Challenge Day’, which was a blast. Ravi, Indonesia


Entry Requirements

Aged 15-18

Keen to learn

Speak and understand English well

Experience Law Academy Course Outline

On the Experience Law Academy course, you’ll have 9 two-hour classes with your tutor. On the first day, you’ll be introduced to the subject, to your tutor and to the rest of your class. The final class is a surprise topic, chosen by your tutor, which will focus on a cutting-edge area of the field. The other eight classes are outlined below.

1. Philosophy of Law

How can we know if the law is ‘right’? In this class, we’ll discuss the ethical implications of the law and look at some moral dilemmas that have been debated in the law.

2. Legal History

Where did the law come from? You’ll look at the history of the law to understand what different societies from around the world have thought about the law, and analyse how events can shape the law over time.

3. The Legal System

Do jury trials really achieve justice? In this class, we’ll debate their pros and cons. We’ll also discuss the differences between private law and public law.

4. Criminal Law

What does ‘guilty beyond reasonable doubt’ actually mean? We’ll discuss the morality of criminal defence lawyers and consider how they can defend someone they know to be guilty.

5. Human Rights

What are a person’s fundamental rights? In this class, you’ll defend your personal opinion on what should constitute human rights, and you’ll also learn about organisations such as Amnesty International and their work in the field.

6. Corporate Law

Who does an idea belong to? You’ll learn about the law as it relates to business, including intellectual property law, contract law and property rights.

7. International Law

What is International Law? You’ll discover the different international bodies that are responsible for international legal cases, and look at famous examples of disputes from history.

8. Law as a Career

What do lawyers actually do? In this class, we’ll discuss the various options open to legal professionals, including some lesser-known paths, such as going on to a career in politics or journalism.

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The Challenge

You’ll put your legal knowledge and talent to the test by taking part in our Mock Trial Challenge, held in a real Court of Law. You’ll need to use the skills you’ve learnt to research the law and prepare for the trial, then use the law to win!

You will:

  • Research the law as it relates to your side in the case, prepare your case and then present it to the court – racing against the clock!
  • Understand how the separate elements of a court case come together, including witnesses, barristers and the judge
  • Practice the skills needed to become a successful lawyer, including reading and analysing dense legal texts, debating and public speaking

Fully Accredited Summer School

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) have fully accredited us as a provider of short courses for Independent Further and Higher Education. The quality of our teaching, pastoral care, and overall standards were assessed by the BAC.

Law Summer Programme for High School Students – Dates and Prices

Length Date Price Apply
2 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 4th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 18th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 19th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 18th July 2020 £9,290 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £9,290 Apply Now