Engineering Preparation Academy

Do you want to apply for Engineering at university? The Engineering Preparation Academy will help you build a clear picture of what kind of engineering course would be best for you, and give you an insight into the experience of an Engineering student. You’ll improve your Engineering and academic skills and develop greater confidence to approach engineering discussions as you prepare to apply to study Engineering.

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Engineering Preparation Summer School

Welcome to the Engineering Preparation Academy! The course is designed to support you in your preparation for making applications to study engineering at university.

On this course you will experience a variety of university teaching styles, such as lectures, seminars and tutorials, and learn what studying engineering is really like by tackling hands-on projects, problem-sheets and giving presentations.

The Engineering Preparation Academy will give you an opportunity to try out  various fields of Engineering in relation to the industry today, and delve into specialist content in your own areas of interest. The wide range of activities you will encounter on the summer course mirror the experience of studying Engineering, such as applying computer science knowledge to Engineering problems and designing prototypes. You’ll also get to take on your very own Industry Project Challenge, go on a field trip to see Engineering in action and write an article for publication in our Scholastica Journal of Engineering!

At the end of the course, you will be able to understand which Engineering courses – generalist or specialist – will suit you best, whether you plan to study in the UK or around the world. You’ll be able to engage confidently and insightfully in discussions about Engineering with classmates and lecturers, and feel well prepared to make an application to the Universities you choose.


This Engineering Preparation summer course will suit you if you’re:

  • Aiming to pursue an Engineering degree and want to improve your understanding and experience prior to making an application
  • Unsure about the different options you have in studying Engineering in the UK and around the world
  • Curious about what it’s like to live and study as an Engineering student
  • Eager to expand your understanding of Engineering principles, skills in project management and ability to innovate
  • Interested in finding out what careers are available to someone with an Engineering degree

    Our Learning Philosophy


    We believe that the best way to prepare to study Engineering is by learning through hands-on experiences. Our Engineering Preparation Academy will enable you to:


    What kinds of Engineering degrees are out there?

    Discover the many different fields of Engineering you could choose to study – or maybe you’d prefer to keep things general and specialise later? You’ll learn how to create an excellent application to your chosen course, whether that’s here in the UK or elsewhere.



    What is it like to study Engineering?

    Meet a Hero: an Engineer who can tell you about their experiences at University and in their career. They’ll give you a realistic picture of life as an Engineer, so you can make an informed choice about your future.


    How can I get ready to become an Engineering student? 

    Prepare for life as an Engineering student at University by taking part in lectures, seminars and independent research. You’ll also be challenged in an Industry-Led Project, which is a typical feature of University Engineering courses.

    This course has helped me understand how deep my love for science is and that there really never was a debate over what I want to do in the future. Emilia Hilbert, China

    Entry Requirements

    Aged 15-18

    Planning to study Engineering at University

    Speak and understand English well

    Engineering Preparation Academy Course Outline


    Our Engineering Preparation Academy is made up of nine different classes and a four-hour Challenge afternoon. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear from and interact with our Engineering professional Hero in a lecture and Q&A session.

    1. Engineering Courses - UK & Worldwide

    You’ll explore the multitude of Engineering courses offered in the UK and worldwide: civil, mechanical, aeronautical and many more! You’ll get help to decide which course is best for you, and discuss how to put together a compelling University application.

    2. University Skills

    Learn about the skills you’ll need for a successful degree in Engineering, and put them into practice by undertaking an independent research project on an area of Engineering that you find fascinating.

    3. Engineering Sciences

    You’ll be introduced to the key mathematical concepts that are the foundation of Engineering. Your tutor will help you work through university-level Engineering problems.

    4. Find Your Specialism

    In this class, you’ll be able to follow your own interests in Engineering to work on problems in the discipline that interests you, whether that’s electrical, civil, chemical or computer Engineering.

    5. Integrated-Design Engineering

    Learn about the interdisciplinary approach that’s often required to solve modern Engineering problems, and apply your skills to design, build and test a prototype using this approach.

    6. Computing for Engineers

    Learn the basics of computer science to understand the growing field of computer Engineering, and carry out your own coding project.

    7. Engineering Field Trip

    Explore how Engineering affects our everyday lives by taking a field trip to see the practical applications of Engineering.

    8. Personal Tutorials and Journal Publication

    You’ll have a personal tutorial with your tutor to get feedback on your Independent Research project, which you’ll edit and prepare for publication in the Scholastica Journal of Engineering.

    9. Your Engineering Future

    Discuss your ideas, hopes and worries for your future in Engineering with your tutor, who’ll be able to help you plan your University and career route into Engineering.

    engineering preparation summer course


    Industry-Led Project Challenge

    You’ll get a taste of a day in the life of an Engineer with our Industry-Led Project Challenge. You’ll work in a team with your coursemates to solve a real problem faced by a local business. You’ll need to:

    • Apply creative problem-solving and innovation to come up with high-quality ideas
    • Develop teamwork and time-management skills to work collaboratively and deliver results on time
    • Present your ideas and results to an industry professional, and potentially see them applied in real life!

    This is an opportunity to gain important work experience, which Universities and employers view as valuable evidence for your dedication to your subject.

    Fully Accredited Summer School

    The British Accreditation Council (BAC) have fully accredited us as a provider of short courses for Independent Further and Higher Education. The quality of our teaching, pastoral care, and overall standards were assessed by the BAC.

    Law Summer Programme for High School Students – Dates and Prices

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    2 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 4th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
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    2 weeks Sunday 19th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
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