Business and Management Preparation Academy

Do you want to study a business course at university? On the Business & Management Preparation Academy, you will get an insight into what it’s like to study business at university. We want to prepare you for choosing the best course for you, and to equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make excellent university applications.

Business summer course

Business & Management Summer School

Welcome to the Business & Management Preparation Academy! This course is designed to help students navigate their way to university courses related to business, economics and management. Through the course, you’ll acquire an understanding of what you need to complete a business degree application, as well as honing your academic and business skills for university-level study.

The Business & Management Preparation Academy will help you to choose the right business-related course for you. It will involve activities that reflect the real experience of business school, such as tackling case studies and formulating robust financial and marketing strategies. The two-week programme is packed full of practical learning experiences such as the Business Consultancy Challenge, which will allow you to create your own venture in our incubator and practice consulting with real-life clients. You’ll also have the chance to publish your own mini-MBA report in the Scholastica Journal of Business. You’ll get to learn about business through various university teaching styles, such as lectures, seminars and tutorials, as well as conducting independent research, making presentations and writing essays. 


At the end of our Business & Management summer course, you will be prepared to engage confidently in economics, enterprise and management discussions, whether with teachers or fellow students. Your enhanced business skills and knowledge will set you up well for writing a great application to study business at whatever university you choose. 


This course will suit you if you’re:

  • Aiming to study business, management or economics at university and want to get to know your university options, both in the UK and around the world
  • Interested in enhancing your business skills to go along with your university application 
  • Curious about what it’s like to live and study as a business student 
  • Eager to grow your confidence and capacity in analysis, consultancy, finance, strategy, organisational management and entrepreneurship
  • Interested in the careers available with a business, economics or management degree

Our Learning Philosophy


We believe that the best way to prepare to study business, economics and management is by learning through hands-on activities. On our Business & Management summer course you will:


What business-related degrees are out there?

Learn about different business school styles and application processes, so that you can choose the right option for you.



Where could my business degree take me?

Ask our Hero about their real-world, day-to-day experiences in their successful business career.


What does a business degree really involve?

Get an authentic business student experience by attending lectures, seminars and tutorials, and prepare to face real clients in our Business Consultancy Challenge.

This Summer School was truly amazing. I took the Business course and am proud to say that I learned more here academically, socially and emotionally than in entire years of school. Everybody I met was an exciting, new, bubbly and intellectually engaging person and I really savoured every second of my time with them. Some of the friends I have made here in two weeks will surely last a lifetime. So if you are wondering if and when you should go, the answers are: yes you should, and as soon as possible.

Morgane Bascle, France

Entry Requirements

Aged 15-18

Planning to study a Business-related course at University

Speak and understand English well

Business & Management Preparation Academy Course Outline


Our Business & Management Preparation Academy is made up of nine different classes and a four-hour academic Challenge afternoon. You’ll also have an opportunity to hear from and interact with our business professional Hero in a lecture and Q&A session.

1. Business, Economics & Management Degrees - UK & Global

Develop an understanding of different business-related courses around the world, learn how to choose the right university for you and gain skills for preparing a strong university application.

2. Independent Research

Learn and hone the skills that you need for going into business. You will practise academic skills and develop your own business interests through your Independent Study Project.

3. Financial Analysis

Explore the factors that make businesses successful or unsuccessful through case studies. Develop your own solutions to improve these businesses’ financial plans, by writing analytical reports using key economic and financial concepts.

4. Entrepreneur Incubator – Create Your Own Venture!

Test your business ideas and demonstrate your understanding of corporate social responsibility and successful enterprise in our mock incubator.

5. Sales & Marketing Pitch

Compete for investments in your business ideas by making a pitch to “VC investors”! Practise the latest marketing skills using social media and see if you can run a Instagram takeover to sell your product.

6. Complex Management Consultancy

Great organisational management is essential for business success. Apply key management principles in our simulation scenarios, and take on some complex situations that you might encounter in real life.

7. Business Field Trip

Business exists outside the walls of the classroom or lecture hall. The field trip is an excellent opportunity to discover and understand business practices and problems in the real world.

8. Mini-MBA Presentation

Your tutor will help you improve your verbal and written communication skills through personal tutorials where you present your final Mini-MBA Project. You’ll also have the chance to be published in the Scholastica Journal of Business.

9. Building a Career in Business

Start thinking ahead to life after business school: you will receive individual support on how you can move forward, so that you can leap from the Business & Management Preparation Academy to university, into business and beyond.

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Business Consultancy Challenge 


Are you ready to test your business knowledge in the Business Consultancy Challenge?

University business courses involve consultancy projects. Similarly, here you will work alongside an external partner and deliver creative and realistic solutions to business problems! 

Try your hand at the real experience of business consultancy by: 

  • Grasping the details of your client’s problem and partnering with your team to create an excellent research strategy
  • Developing creative solutions for your client by utilising your complex problem-solving skills
  • Presenting your findings in a client meeting – will you excel under the pressure of this high-stakes work?

This is an excellent opportunity to gain highly sought-after real-world work experience, which is essential for any job or internship application.

Fully Accredited Summer School

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) have fully accredited us as a provider of short courses for Independent Further and Higher Education. The quality of our teaching, pastoral care, and overall standards were assessed by the BAC.

Business & Management Summer Programme for High School Students – Dates and Prices

Length Date Price Apply
2 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 4th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 18th July 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
2 weeks Sunday 19th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £4,795 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 21st June to Saturday 18th July 2020 £9,290 Apply Now
4 weeks Sunday 5th July to Saturday 1st August 2020 £9,290 Apply Now