London Summer Courses

At the London Scholastica Academy, we have carefully curated a selection of inspirational courses for 12-14 year olds and 15-18 year olds which take place in the UK's capital city.
Summer Courses in London

Based in the UK’s dynamic capital city, our summer programmes are designed to give you the chance to further your understanding of your subject, and also give you a taster of what it’s like to study your subject at university. The courses aim to give you further clarity about your future educational journey and to equip you with the skills you’ll need to get there.

You’ll be taught each day in small groups by our expert tutors, and you’ll also take responsibility for completing some independent study work, guided by your tutor. Many of our tutors teach in the UK’s top Universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and the University of London, and they’re all passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our Heroes – inspirational young professionals in your field – who can answer your questions about how they got to where they are today.

Alongside this, you will get to make the most of all the opportunities London has to offer, including cultural experiences, day trips around the UK, and the chance to meet like-minded students from around the world.


Be taught by our experienced tutors, in small classes and masterclasses.



Meet our inspirational Heroes and see your subject in action.


Put your skills and knowledge into practice in our interactive challenge

London Summer Courses for High School Students Aged 15-18


See our selection of summer courses in London below, and read on to find more information, including the curriculum for each of our courses.

Students aged 15-18 can choose between two types of courses. Our Experience Academies are designed to introduce you to key principles and show you what life is like in your chosen field. On the other hand, if you’re already certain of what you want to study in the future, choose one of our Preparation Academies, which will help you prepare for University applications and higher-level study.

Business enterprise summer course London

Experience Business & Enterprise Academy

Would you like to be an entrepreneur? Or are you interested in a career in big business, economics or management? On this course, you’ll learn about different economic models, types of businesses, financial markets and game theory. In the Challenge, you’ll work in teams to develop an app, then have the chance to pitch your business idea to our panel of judges – may the best team win!

Engineering summer course London

Experience Engineering Academy

Are you interested in learning about how things work? On the Experience Engineering Academy, you’ll explore the different fields in Engineering, including civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. You’ll learn about crucial concepts in Engineering, such as Aerodynamics and Hydraulics, and get to build your own engine. Finally, you will be challenged to build the best bridge you can under time pressure and with limited materials!

Law summer course London

Experience Law Academy

Are you interested in being a human rights lawyer? Or a criminal barrister? Law is such a diverse field that it can be difficult to know which aspect of law you’d most like to pursue. Our Experience Law Academy will introduce you to the different areas of law open to you, including international law, criminal law, human rights law and corporate law. You’ll also gain a clearer understanding of the legal system, giving you the knowledge and skills you’ll need for a legal career. The course will include a mock trial for you to put your skills to the test!

medicine summer course London

Experience Medicine Academy

Are you interested in pursuing Medicine? On the Experience Medicine Academy, you’ll gain a broader understanding of different specialties in the medical field and put this into practice through clinical tasks and a dissection. You’ll also learn some of the key skills doctors need, such as communication and empathy, and be able to talk to real patients in order to hone these skills.

Business enterprise management economics summer course London

Business & Management Preparation Academy

Are you planning to study Business, Economics or a related course at University? If so, the Business & Management Preparation Academy will give you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to succeed.

You’ll further your understanding of the principles of business, economics, enterprise and management, undertake a mini-MBA project, and be supported to create an excellent University application.

Engineering summer course London

Engineering Preparation Academy

Are you a future Engineer? On the Engineering Preparation Academy, you’ll learn more about the principles of different types of Engineering, as well as undertaking some independent research on the field of Engineering that interests you.

You’ll also carry out an Industry-Led project, gathering important experience for your future successful University and job applications.

Law summer course London

Law Preparation Academy

Are you getting ready to apply to Law courses at University? If so, the Law Preparation Academy is right for you. On this course, you’ll be challenged and supported to develop your knowledge of the Law. You’ll also understand the different fields and types of job available in the legal world, as well as gathering the experience and evidence you’ll need in order to craft successful applications to your chosen Universities.

Medicine summer course london

Medicine Preparation Academy

Are you planning to become a doctor? The Medicine Preparation Academy will enhance your understanding of key medical principles and give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed at medical school. You’ll also be supported to prepare compelling applications to medical schools in the UK and beyond.

London Summer Courses for High School Students Aged 12-14

These summer programmes in London are designed for bright young teenagers who are interested in exploring a new subject for the first time. Read more and find the class outlines below.

Summer Courses in London business

Discover Business Academy

Would you like to get an insight into the world of business? On the Discover Business Academy, you’ll see how businesses work and learn what life is really like as an entrepreneur. You’ll be introduced to important concepts such as economics, leadership, management, and marketing. We’ll also explore crucial practical skills such as public speaking. Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll put them to the test by designing and pitching a business idea to our panel of judges!

Summer Courses in London technology

Discover Technology Academy

Are you interested in learning about robots and computers? Would you like to build a rocket or an app? Our Discover Technology Academy will introduce you to coding and teach you the skills you need to build an app or a website. You’ll also learn about the practical applications of physics and maths, and use these skills to build a hydraulics system and your own rocket!

Fully Accredited Summer School

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) have fully accredited us as a provider of short courses for Independent Further and Higher Education. The quality of our teaching, pastoral care, and overall standards were assessed by the BAC.