London Scholastica Masterclasses

At the London Scholastica Academy, we want to help you discover, explore and prepare for your future. That’s why we’ve designed a series of innovative Masterclasses to complement your subject-specific Classes.

What are Masterclasses?


London Scholastica Masterclasses are interactive, practical sessions, which focus on the skills and knowledge you’ll need in order to be successful at school, at university and in your career. You’ll attend these Masterclasses no matter which subject you are studying with us, as they’re not subject-specific, but cover skills that you’ll need in any discipline or career. They’re also a chance for you to meet students on other courses, and to be taught by inspirational leaders and speakers. Read on for descriptions of some of the Masterclasses you’ll get to experience at the London Scholastica Academy this summer. 

Summer Courses in London masterclasses

I am so thankful for Scholastica because it not only created so many happy memories for me, but also helped me become more sociable and unafraid of meeting people from all around the world with different views and cultures. I now know what I want to study in the future and it’s all thanks to my experience at Scholastica.

Estelle Hayek, Lebanon

Debating Masterclass


The ability to put across your point of view, but also to listen to that of others, is one of the most important life skills you can have. It will come in handy for everything from dinner party conversations to board meetings, so in this Masterclass we practise different debating styles, including British Parliamentary Style debate (incidentally born just across the river from us in the Houses of Parliament!) and a Balloon debate.


Improv Comedy and Public Speaking Workshop


Learn about the art of improvised comedy – or improv – with the UCL Blank Slates, the UCL improv comedy troupe, who have performed all around London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They’ll introduce you to the techniques behind the magic of creating a show entirely unrehearsed and from scratch and help you to perform your own. Finally, they’ll treat you to a professional performance of their own, based on your suggestions.

At the same time, you’ll learn about the importance of teamwork to build confidence for public speaking, and easy techniques that you can apply to any public speaking situation, whether that’s performing in a comedy show or giving a formal speech!



London scholastica masterclasses


UK Universities Masterclass


This Masterclass is aimed at helping you understand the options that exist to you at University level in the UK. Our expert Masterclass Leader will outline the University landscape in the UK. They’ll then guide you through the applications process for UK universities, covering the UCAS application system, the specific requirements of different courses, such as the admissions tests needed for Medicine applications etc.



Careers Masterclass


The Scholastica Careers Masterclass will help you clarify the career direction you’d like to take. We’ll then guide you through the process of putting together a CV for the first time, writing a cover letter and submitting job applications. As a group, you’ll practise techniques for a successful interview.



How to Ask Better Questions Workshop


We spend a lot of time wondering about the right answers to the questions we face – What course should I study? What career should I go for? Am I good enough? – so in this Masterclass we will discuss the most efficient and effective ways to cut to the heart of the problem and find the answers we need. In the era of fake news, it’s more important than ever to be able to think critically about information when it’s presented to us, and to ask incisive questions.



Creativity Workshop


Would you say you are a creative person? Our Creativity Masterclass is aimed at stimulating and encouraging you to hone your out-of-the-box thinking, and will introduce you to the science behind creative ideas. Creativity is increasingly in demand by employers as one of the most important ‘soft’ skills of the future workforce (although we don’t think it’s soft at all), because it’s crucial to be able to think laterally in order to solve the problems of the future.



Failure to Success Masterclass


Everyone makes mistakes, so why are we so afraid of failure? Our Failure to Success Masterclass will show you that the key to success lies in the ability to be resilient and learn from your mistakes.